RECYCLE means to turn post-consumption packaging into brand new products for consumption. This need arose to mankind when the BENEFITS that this process brings to our ENVIRONMENT and ECOSYSTEM were confirmed.
With the FRIENDLY PET slogan, SANPET pursuits to contribute to make our planet HEALTHIER and more SUSTAINABLE, to foment new industrial processes which allows the reuse of discarded packages to turn them into brand new and certified products.
With high-technology equipment, (MRS-GNEUB FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF PET-PCR LAMINATED PRODUCTS), and according to the norms and regulation of ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency), a regulatory agency under the Brazilian Ministry of Health and of FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the U.S. Government Agency responsible for the control of food packaging, our customers are changing concepts for the benefit of the SUSTAINABILITY of our planet, using this product in several sectors, such as: food, industrial, footwear, auto parts and even construction industry.
Reminding that PET is 100% recyclable and it is up to all seek alternatives for a BETTER AND HEALTHIER WORLD for the next generations. In addition, with the FRIENDLY PET program, SANPET has been making children in public schools aware of the importance of this attitude, stimulating the pickup and giving rewards as a gift for the children that take 11lb of post-consumption PET to the factory.
Acting thus, SANPET contributes generating jobs and making the future generations aware of the importance of a HEALTHIER, SUSTAINABLE AND HAPPIER PLANET.